Course Preface

🍀I practiced meditation for 9 years and I have changed a lot. From a mediocre, anxious, impatient young man, I have now become a person who is enthusiastic, active, satisfied, and can manage family and business well. All this is brought to me by meditation.
🍀Only if you really make up your mind to start and keep going, you will find that your life has been quietly changing for the better.
🍀So what I want to tell you is: I hope you start with my course, and then take this good habit away and accompany you through life.

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Notes on practicing mindfulness meditation

1. Practice time: For beginners, it is best to do it after getting up or resting at noon or before going to bed at night
2. Length of each exercise: 10-15 minutes per exercise
3. Practice location: There is no location requirement. To avoid distractions, it is best to practice in a quiet room. Once you are proficient, you can practice meditation anytime, anywhere.
4. What movements need to be practiced: Sitting cross-legged is not required, whether it is sitting on a chair or sitting on a bed (the most comfortable position for you), but the back must be straight.
5. Whether you need a soundtrack: It varies from person to person. If the music makes you more focused, it's better to follow the music. If the music disturbs your mind, there is no need for auxiliary music.

About learning progress

🍀It's not every day you have to learn a new lesson. The content of each course needs to be practiced and can be mastered before moving on to the next course.

🌹 Do not rush to success when practicing meditation. After the first day of practice, you may not feel the change. At this point, you must continue on the 7th day (this is the most important, you must persist for at least a week). If you can persist for 21 days, I will tell you: You succeeded!

😏During this time I will be in charge of you, and I will remind you not to forget to meditate. I will urge you to develop this good habit. come on.

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