I'm proud of what we've done

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Over 6000 users took our free 21-day guided mindfulness meditation course and found calm and stability. 900+ reviews with an average rating of 4.5

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We have helped 1200+ procrastinators of varying degrees to get rid of procrastination completely. 400+ evaluation comprehensive score 4.75

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Since we started doing this, we have seen more than 36 million views of related articles and videos from various self-media and websites.

our experience


In 2019 I made an online course on meditation​

I have been practicing meditation since 2013 (at the time I was suffering from procrastination, extreme low self-confidence, anxiety, insomnia, self-doubt). This is my first online course based on my own experiences of meditating and successfully overcoming procrastination.


In 2021 I formed my team and want to help more people

This is the first time in my life that I have formed my own team. Our team’s goal at the time was to help more people gain peace of mind and reduce anxiety caused by the stress of life and work. We hope to teach more people to know how to enjoy life.


In 2021 we successfully launched our "Stop Procrastination" online course​

Based on our 8 years of experience and the real feedback from the students we helped, we successfully launched the online course “How to Stop Procrastinating” after half a year of choreography and production. The feedback from the students who have watched the course is very good, and they are highly praised. They also gave us a 4.75 rating. During the year, we also updated and upgraded our meditation program.


Now we continue our mission on a new website

We made a great decision this year to make the original $249 online meditation course available for free. At the same time, based on the feedback from our “How to Stop Procrastinating” course, we upgraded and produced a new “Stop Procrastination, Stop Mental Internal Friction” online course. New concepts and methods are added to the original curriculum.