It is said that willpower determines success or failure”, and it is true that only those who desire success and have enough willpower can reach the top of their lives. If a person can’t even control his own mind, body, emotions and language, what can he control?

For a person, willpower can be used as a way to relate to people. One can use it to guide one’s mind and body.

In other words, willpower guides us in a variety of actions.

Willpower is expressed not only in our determination to do something, but also in whether we can do something consistently.

Willpower can be thought of as a form of energy, and strong willpower indicates high energy.

The most important thing is that willpower can be improved through training.


Before reading the prompt, I hope you can have a self-awareness of yourself, read the following 3 questions and answer these 3 questions in your mind.

  • What else do you want to do?
    I will______
  • What do you want to do less of?
    I won’t______
  • What longterm goal are you working towards?
    I want______

Get a clear picture of yourself and read the prompts with these 3 responses.

1. 10 minutes of meditation to strengthen your willpower

Meditation is not about removing distractions from the mind, it is about not being distracted. There are many things in this world that distract us. So distractions are often going to happen, but we can use our breath to pull our focus back on ourselves through mindfulness meditation. Sticking to 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation every morning will help you fight temptation and over time will greatly improve your willpower.


2. Maintain a regular sleep schedule

Less than 6 hours of sleep a day will affect the efficiency of the brain to use glucose, especially our prefrontal lobe, even if we eat high-calorie food at this time, but the brain still does not absorb. Therefore, it also can not get enough energy to think. A good night’s sleep will restore the brain’s function to its optimal state. So let’s say you have to go to bed late and get up early from Monday to Friday. Then take advantage of the weekend to catch up on sleep, will effectively enhance your willpower.

3. Morning warm-up

An active cardiovascular system is good for activating your brain and building your willpower. — Studies have shown that a few shorter workouts in the morning are more effective than one long workout. — For example, every morning when you wake up, take a few minutes or ten minutes to do a warm-up exercise, 20 high kicks, 15 push-ups, etc.


4. Outdoor green sports

Any kind of exercise is fine, especially getting outside in the sunshine and feeling the power of green exercise. The best way to get a quick boost of willpower is to get outdoors.

Green exercise alone is effective in reducing stress, improving mood, increasing focus, and boosting self-control. Get out of the office and head to your nearest green environment. Play one of your favorite songs on your phone, go for a jog or walk, take the family pet with you, enjoy the fresh air outside, and do some simple stretching exercises.

5. Adjust breathing, slow down the pace of breathing

Slow down the pace of your breathing and keep the whole process of inhaling and exhaling at 10-15 seconds. This is much slower than your normal breathing rate. You can try it and keep practicing it every day. Getting used to this slow rhythm of breathing can help activate the prefrontal cortex and increase heart rate variability. In turn, it allows the brain and body to shift from a state of stress to a mode of self-control. The higher the HRV, the more focused and calm the person will be. This represents a higher stock of willpower.

6. Do one thing at a time

In developing willpower, you must be careful not to do many things at the same time. Especially if it is important, make sure to do one thing at a time. When you focus your energy on one thing, you will have a lot less trouble.

7. Complete small goals first

Improving willpower is a step-by-step process. We can’t get to the top in one step, and we can’t complete our daily tasks quickly and with high quality. The book “Microhabits” mentions starting with a small, simple task that is impossible to fail, which does not consume our willpower and does not require too much pressure.

When we do make a habit of it, we can’t help but complete our daily habits and even want to over-do them. Not only does this bring us confidence, but it also brings great motivational feedback that creates a nice positive feedback that allows us to start other things more easily. As we become more proficient at completing them, things that were difficult to complete now seem to decrease, and we naturally have the experience of adding new habits, which is a sign of our increased willpower.

8. Partners, encourage each other

Make a group of friends in reality or on the Internet who want to enhance your willpower, or join a group to improve yourself and accomplish your goals by encouraging and monitoring each other.

This method is also through the use of external to enhance their own willpower, is exactly what we often say “a person can go fast, but a group of people can go very far.”

Our emotions are constantly fluctuating, and it is impossible to be proactive all the time. Many times we will be in a low point, people see your state at this time will come to encourage you, to guide you. The power that comes from this positive feedback is endless and can be said to replenish depleted willpower.


9. Promote self-awareness

Self-awareness, where you scientifically monitor your personal behavior by setting a standard of behavior for yourself, can be an effective way to improve willpower.

It is as if there is someone outside your body and brain who constantly reminds you to benchmark to a higher standard.

So, if you often study with someone who studies well or eat with a friend who focuses on body management, then your studies and diet management will be very beneficial.

Many people have very little self-control when they are young, but once they have children they have more self-control, and this is because their self-awareness to set a good example for their children is at work.

10. Reward yourself

When you set goals, you also need to set rewards for achieving them. If you only use willpower to reject temptation, then it becomes a cruel and nasty defense tool, but when you use willpower to get things, you can use it as a weapon to get rewards. For example, if you smoke for a year, you can invest the money you save in yourself, so that people are more willing to become friends with you.


Clarify your goals, clarify your actions, stick to your heart, eliminate the unnecessary, give up the worthless and unrelated to the goal.

The more you insist, the more self-control you have, and the more self-control you have, the more self-discipline you have.

All good things come from persistence.

What would your life be like without procrastination?

Chances are, you’ll be more confident, healthier, more successful, wealthier, happier, and enjoy life.
The time troubled by procrastination can actually be used to do more valuable things. The mental exhaustion that procrastination brings on you. In fact, you can live a freer and happier life. You need to defeat the powerful enemy of procrastination. I believe that after overcoming procrastination, you will find spiritual fulfillment and greater career success.Fill your life with confidence and laughter. An easy and productive life is simply wonderful.

"No Self-Discipline Required. Kill Procrastination2.0"

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